AR.Drone & Kinect at GeekFest ID Event

My team and I were at GeekFest event. We’re invited as one of exhibitor since my company – DyCode – is the contributor to the event. We’re the creator of the official GeekFest mobile apps.

A memorable moment during the event was when our booth was unexpectedly surrounded by the crowd. How it’s not, we demo something that may (just may be) never been done anywhere in Indonesia. We flew AR.Drone there. Not only using iPhone app, but also using home-made Kinect app (that I created a day before :P).

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Hello world!

Finally! After blogging here and there, mostly about technology, I have my own blog. Never really went into blogging much before, since I’m a man of action, instead of just writing (no offense writers/bloggers). However, at my last day of 29 years old, new dawn of 30 is ahead, I feel much wisher. And wise man needs to spread the words, not only by talking, but also by his writings.

I did blogging at Indonesia .NET Developer Community, Nokia Indonesia Community & Enthusiasts, and iMadCamp (that then become, but never really had my own blog. The main reason is discoverability as my writings were mostly about software development (iOS, .NET, Qt, and Java), I want them to be read as many persons as possible. Never much about personal life and thoughts.

Since I already have my own blog now, I can write whatever I want. One thing I promise you, the posts are worth to read :)


Consuming Azure Services from Node.js and Smartphones

It’s a late posting of my speaking¬†on Microsoft TechDays: Get Ready for Windows Azure Platform Today!, Feb 13, 2012. My college – Arif – and I talked about how to develop and deploy Node.js-based services on Azure, and consume the services from iOS and Windows Phone.

Here’s the slide:

The participants were mostly from ISVs in Jakarta and reached about 50 persons. They’re quite amaze about the possibility of deploying (Google-powered) open source product, Node.js, to Microsoft-powered Azure :)