BMW F30 Car Cover & Key Cover

Finally they arrive today!

Sebenarnya udah sampai sejak Sabtu kemarin, tapi harus ambil sendiri di kantor pos di Jalan Soekarno-Hatta, cukup jauh dari rumah. Dan ternyata harus bayar pajak import dari bea cukai. Huh…

Got that stuffs from Amazon, BMW F30 Car Cover and BMW F30 Sport Key Fob. Why such a hassle buying them a long way from Amazon, why not in Indonesia? Two reasons: one, they’re not ready-stock and I need to pre-order them for about 2 – 3 weeks. Since F30 is quite new in Indonesia, most accessories are not ready stock. Second reason is that the price is doubled. For car cover, buying in Indonesia will cost me Rp6 million, about USD625. I can get it from Amazon for about USD300. Bought that two stuffs plus shipping/handling only cost me $336, still about half price. As turned out I need to pay import tax imposed by Custom for about $93, the total $439, still much cheaper than buying them in Indonesia. Waiting time was about two weeks, same as if I do pre-order in Indonesia.

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iCloud Talk

Yesterday I delivered a talk about iCloud on an IT seminar entitled “Apple iCloud Technology” at Budi Luhur University. Actually, it’s the first time I talked about iCloud and to my knowledge it’s the first seminar in Indonesia talking about iCloud. I was the sole speaker at the seminar and given full 2 hours to speak, it’s satisfying.

Too bad it’s not full house considering the topic is rare and new. I suspect it’s still not many students want to know about Apple stuffs, especially the iCloud. Anyway, good job to the event committee for arranging such event.

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Scroll to Top Gesture on Multi UIScrollView

If you have more than one UIScrollView inside a view of a ViewController (like this picture), most likely “scroll to top” gesture (by tapping on status bar) won’t cause the UITableView scrolls to toppest row.

Why is that? Inside that view there’re more than one UIScrollViews, as pointed by arrows. As we know, UITableView is a subclass of UIScrollView, so it is a UIScrollView. Inside each cells there’s a UIScrollView. When “scroll to top” gesture happens, the question is which UIScrollView to scroll?

For such UI, we want the UITableView responses to “scroll to top” gesture, while others don’t. There’s super easy solution for that. Are you ready? :-)

Just set “scrollsToTop” property of the UITableView to YES (which is the default), and set “scrollsToTop” property of other UIScrollViews to NO. That’s it!


Updating BMW 2012 F30 iDrive Software

I’m a software developer so it’s my nature to explore the possibilities of a computer system. Since BMW cars have iDrive system that is basically a computer system to control the car, it must have software – or more precisely – firmware. And it is should be updateable. Continue reading Updating BMW 2012 F30 iDrive Software

My First Ever Brand New Car

After billion hours of working, tons of coffee, uncountable sicks and cries, thrilling drama, months of waiting since pre-order, I finally have my 1st ever brand new car. That is just hyperbolic to show how hard I worked to get my self a dream car. A car that since 6 years ago I dreamt every day in my life and one of causes that made me wake up at night and kept me working in the morning. Nggak tanggung-tanggung, it’s a brand new BMW 328i Sport 2012 alpine white, the latest 3 series F30, sixth generation. I’m proudly the first owner in Bandung city, how awesome is that? Continue reading My First Ever Brand New Car

Pantai Penyabong

Got a new spot sewaktu mudik lebaran ke Belitung tahun 2012 ini. Namanya Pantai Penyabong, terletak di Kecamatan Membalong, sekitar 60 km dari kota Tanjung Pandan, atau 100 km dari Kecamatan Kelapa Kampit, that’s where I live. Pantainya masih belum seterkenal Pantai Tanjong Tinggi, misalnya, tapi pantai ini  sungguh menyajikan pemandangan yang tak biasa. Rangkaian batu yang luar biasa besar dan menjorok ke pantai menjadikannya tempat yang luar biasa untuk spending time. Lihat sendiri foto-fotonya: Continue reading Pantai Penyabong

MVP – 5 Years in A Row

Actually this post should be posted on July 1, when I got an email told me that my Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award got renewed. I can’t be more than happy than that, 5 years in a row. Thanks for that, Microsoft!

For you who are unfamiliar with what MVP is, it’s basically an award for developers or IT pros who contribute their technical expertise of Microsoft’s technologies to community. “Community” is the keyword here. There’re many smart, talented, and skilled developers or IT pros out there, but not all of them want to contribute to the community.

What’s my contribution you may ask? Well, I’m arguably one of influencer of mobile apps industry in Indonesia. I influence many developers to jump into mobile apps development and business, including Windows Phone-related, the one that Microsoft owns. I delivered more than 5 speakings related to Windows Phone, last year alone. Although not much blogging last year, but I think speaking contribution is much more engaging.

As part of MVP award, you’ll get an MVP kit. Here’s what’ inside the box:

ID-Objective-C Bandung Meetup – Talking About Storyboard in iOS 5

As a part of offline ID-Objective-C activities and continuation of ID-Objective-Conference 2012 on last February, a meetup was held in Bandung. Held in DyCode office (DyPlex), unfortunately that rare event was only attended by 5 participants. I don’t know that’s because the event was on Saturday (when people might be preparing Saturday night or some may have class as they’re still students), or the iOS platform is still not really interesting for most developers. Or may be nowadays developers are too lazy to learn the most scarce knowledge in Indonesia, knowledge of iOS development. I don’t know. Although there’re many claimed that they’re dying to know about iOS development, yet only 5 persons came :)

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