How to write a good essay


General Advice

Start early

As shortly as you are granted an essay query, begin the contemplating. Should you not, you may neglect valuable data though doing different study. The tv screen as well as radio stations often have programs upon relevant troubles that could possibly be people — should you not already have some ideas for the article you could overlook their usefulness. The item is similar to the procedure once you find out a whole new phrase: since you also get basically looked it in place, after that it generally seems to show up more often. For the reason that you feel much more sensitive for it — identical may happen together with your essay or dissertation subject matter.

Starting first likewise gives you an opportunity for you to write and redraft the composition, speak to other people about it and find the idea entered upward along with wanting to surrender on time. If you undertake ones dissertation the night before it’s thanks throughout, the idea demonstrates!

Collecting your material

It is significant to get information that may be appropriate. The way? It’s just about all as well easy to the dash diet towards catalogue, obtain a tremendous bin regarding books and browse aimlessly. You could possibly find out anything, nevertheless, you would not get those dissertation performed.

The very best starting place is by easily jotting down what you know about the issue: you’ll likely learn when compared with you realise. It may help to obtain people taking into consideration the topic and may even additionally present you with some ideas to visit way up.

Purposeful reading

You ought to embrace the arranged technique: so that you can study purposefully, produce a few inquiries before even thinking about studying. As you read, far more unique questions can come up and you can look for your responses to help most of these way too. It is easy to complete an excessive amount research as well as end up getting mixed up by the details and statistics. Searching for the actual advice to be able to predetermined inquiries allows you prevent this particular.

Use varied reasons for information

You will usually employ a guide number that may list this main sources of facts for your issue. Operate the bibliographies within these kinds of textbooks to give your own studying. It is possible to reference your current address paperwork, yet never be dependent exclusively in these kinds of, since they sometimes are a broad summary or maybe can incorporate improper facts when you have misunderstood something. Essentially the most profitable options for info can be theme unique publications, the “broadsheet” magazines (e. g. The actual Guardian, The actual Separate, The particular Observer) in addition to increasing on-line methods, such as the Web. These kind of magazines often have distinct days to weeks within the few days once they target problems like company, community, legislations and so forth. You possibly can purchase a essay from expert essay publishing service. They’ll not just offer you sound up-to-date information on your current issue, but they provides you with an illustration in the type of producing which is expected as of this levels.

Keep some sort of portable computer, file charge cards as well as information base

Jot straight down suggestions, talks, quotations or perhaps good examples as you locate these people. If you don’t generate them along, you might certainly forget about them with regards to producing way up time period. This tactic in addition opens your thoughts, because you’re not wanting to keep in mind smaller things which could obstruct inventive considering. As an alternative, try using little file playing cards that is shuffled as well as fixed out and about while you plan as well as article your own article. That may also be very easily completed over a computer : but some type of computer is usually tougher to cart all around!

Record your sources

Your notebook should likewise be used to write down exact information on your causes of data you work with. Inability to achieve this can lead to lost moment relooking regarding data, annoyance and in many cases data currently being misused when you are unable to work with it, as a result of not to be able to talk about the foundation.

A expression upon plagiarism 

Doing the above mentioned will help with this. Begin using supplier materials, sometimes being a strong quotation or maybe like a overview absolutely need text, you will need to produce a reference to the item with your textual content and provide the entire information inside your bibliography. You must always credit score the main writer, otherwise your own lecturer will think you are attempting to defraud or perhaps move off of a person’s thought because your personal.  

Understanding the question

When instructors set an dissertation question, they making the effort to get you to show them just how much you already know in regards to a specific aspect of an interest, and if suitable build a simpler debate. You need to constantly response the unique dilemma arranged. Quite a few students make a mistake given that they don’ testosterone levels remedy the particular question; they will get side-tracked and concentrate on a bad area of the niche, or simply produce “all many people know” about the theme.

Some composition briefs are definitely more very helpful when compared with other people. Several will simply give a assertion followed by the term “discuss”. Other folks supply set up details which often guide you detail by detail through precisely what is definitely necessary. Whichever form you are treating, looking at the particular examination considerations can help you to determine throughout what kind of level you have to generate. Consider your trainer as your audience, become proper, and listen to what exactly your teacher really wants to know.

Getting right down to writing

Even essentially the most seasoned author will get any clear site challenging. The key should be to simply commence producing. It doesn’ to make any difference exactly where an individual start so long as what you generate leads to the correct location finally. Just create, don’ big t stress about punctuation along with type. Buy your first views straight down in some recoverable format. Upon having carried out this you are able to straighten out your ideas utilizing your first plan.

If a person write using a pc you’ll be able to “cut and paste”, moving grammatical construction all-around to their final set up the particular essay. In case you desire dog pen as well as cardstock, get away from any series or perhaps a couple of between concepts in order to actually “cut along with paste”. Obtain the scissors along with sticky recording out and reduce ones composition up. Sitting down on a lawn using your do the job disseminate all-around you could end up useful at this point. Providing you get a newbie (the introduction), a center (the human body on the essay), and also a finish (the conclusion), anyone won’ t proceed far drastically wrong.

Your composition need to follow this particular pattern:  

An  introduction  really should consist of a number of discuss the topic of the actual dissertation : most likely explanations are essential, or a few evidence connected with what you understand with the subject. That segment should also talk about which aspects of individual you want to deal with and also precisely why. Recall you’re not producing some sort of guide, so you have to go with a number of major quarrels to aid your step to the particular dilemma. Your current advantages ought to incorporate information towards the Best Assignment Creating Help giving the readers a definite perception of after that abide by in addition to rendering it apparent on your guitar tutor which you are going to response the issue established.  

The  body with the essay  will require all these main points in addition to create them with illustrations in addition to drawings, making use of obviously explained sentences. It is where you will need to look at the design of one’s essay as well as be sure you abide by a particular course through which ones bottom line. This particular segment will be where by nearly all internet writers fail, but in case you program very carefully you should have a direction for ones dissertation before starting producing.

Your  conclusion  can summarize your primary concepts. It would also possibly be correct to offer an organisation or tentative step to the actual problem. Or maybe you may have chosen any issue where by you need to advise wider significance, or perhaps potential tendencies. You might propose regions worth additional thing to consider. It is in this section that one could introduce your own views – providing they are based on the arguments you could have developed earlier.

It can help to have some idea of along each section; the following can be a very rough guide, NOT A REGULATION.
Introduction  7 – 8% of total length
Conclusion  12 – 15% of total length


Many college students stress about their own producing type nevertheless don’t forget, your current words express your thoughts and if you’ve got a apparent plan and also a real grasp with the material, then you will possess very tiny trouble composing with understanding and coherence. It is greater to make use of distinct easy language, while there exists a distinction among composed and voiced dialect. Don’ to employ imprecise or complex text or perhaps keyword phrases in the interest of it, but avoid slang along with abbreviations. Usually, remain faithful to smaller phrases, however remember to change these having a few extended versions often. The key purpose will be distinct as well as concise so your audience can certainly stick to your current discussion, and is particularly not distracted or irritated by immaterial padding.



A section typically refers to one particular subject as well as element of a new main matter. A couple grammatical construction could possibly be about various subject areas but connected by which big difference – you may have a couple sentences regarding essay help working with lead to as well as result, as well as beneficial in addition to adverse areas of a single disagreement, or any before along with after scenario. Often, the initial sentence of a paragraph is the “topic sentence” : that is, it points out what the particular part is about and gives the principle design.


The cross over from one part to a different typically reveals many trouble – but it is vital to maintain continuity and provide mental signposts on your reader. Many popular backlinks phrases and words which can help you to do this are generally:

but, nevertheless, alternatively, yet
for instance, in which is
similarly, in addition, additionally, throughout addition
therefore, therefore, because of this, thus
then, and then, ultimately


Referencing inside your operate is possible in many methods, although most people currently prefer the particular “Author, date” or even “Harvard” referencing technique. To work with this, after you offer from a guide or even some other created resource as well as summarize facts absolutely need phrases, you will need to place this author’s surname along with the day associated with newsletter in the wording similar to this:

According in order to Barnes (1996), you will find there’s detailed guideline for you to referencing for sale in the actual collection.
There is really a detailed guidebook to be able to referencing easily obtainable in the selection (Barnes 1996).

At the tip of your dissertation you ought to give a whole directory your stuff you employed to complete your essay — the bibliography. If proper it’s also wise to listing the enterprises the ones you might have got into contact with. This is necessary to the particular readers and to a person if you should need to check out rear on details or even consider a number of your opinions even more. Referencing could be tricky; request your own teachers which often process they want someone to utilize as well as seek advice from somebody in early stages that you are doing the work effectively.

Editing in addition to proofreading

A evaluation is essential even though it could not cause very much spinner. You might possibly have a pal to listen because you examine out loud – this assists a whole lot if you’re concered about awkward syntax, punctuation or even not logical getting of the thoughts. For those who have simply no willing close friend, go through into a video tape recorder and also perform it time for by yourself. Think of yourself as objective so when crucial as is possible. Be sure you spellcheck your hard work in addition to reference some sort of book intended for text that the laptop or computer does not acknowledge as faults. Don’t make use of the actual grammar checker!

What perhaps you have discovered from a essay or dissertation?

Researching in addition to publishing your own dissertation should have combined your finding out in the subject at hand. On the other hand, your suggestions you have from the professors works extremely well as additional understanding. Some might, as an example, suggest fresh tips, fresh suggestions or unique ideas. These include value thinking of while the ideas and also arguments remain fresh in your head.

There can be simple corrections connected with facts or maybe faults. Notice these kind of! There could possibly be tips on how you may express on your own more definitely or maybe statements in regards to the thorough facet of the particular structure of the composition. Review all those meals very carefully.
The general remark you receive will probably review ones composition as a whole, and possibly involve some validation with the indicate you get. These kind of responses are already imagined via very carefully and they are made to help you to strengthen your work – have tried them, don’t waste all of them. You can receive the ability to debate work with the marker: use this as being a constructive opportunity, especially when people didn’t done as well as anyone envisioned, and construct on what you study.

It needs to be apparent to you personally can’t which documents are generally with regards to greater than simply covering some features regarding A4 papers. They are an essential portion of your learning and it is under your control to increase their particular effectiveness for your requirements.


8 Years and Beyond

It’s DyCode’s 8th anniversary.

It’s amazing adventure so far, and I’m so grateful to be part of it. It’s amazing feeling to be able to help enterprises, startups, communities, and personals with the journey of DyCode, and also to make DyCode as the second home for more 50 DyCodes and ex-DyCoders so far.

When I co-founded DyCode with 5 other friends 8 years ago, we never thought that DyCode will be as it is today. At that time, we only thought that DyCode was our answer to software development industry in Indonesia that we’d put more focus on software quality and technologies underlying it, also early adopting technologies to optimise the software value, instead of just delivering mediocre software. We’ve been doing a lot of coding, hack things up, learn and explore new things.

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Visualise Apple Watch App More Realistically

Xcode 6.2 includes iOS 8.2 SDK coming with WatchKit framework and Apple Watch simulator that allows us to develop Apple Watch app. As its function to simulate how the app will look like and accept user input (touch), the Apple Watch simulator only focuses on the screen. Hey, there’s not even a way to simulate Digital Crown input. When you run your app in simulator, you’ll get something like this:

Apple Watch Simulator

That’s it! A rectangle window is all you get.

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Apple Watch App + Azure Mobile Service

In the spirit to embrace wearables industry, especially tomorrow-preorder-opened Apple Watch, I need to share about developing Apple Watch app with WatchKit framework. But the real world app, including Apple Watch app, needs a backend and what I know best is using Microsoft Azure. So, you may wonder how it is possible.

However, for now, to my knowledge, it’s not possible to access backend service, or do network request in general, directly within WatchKit app. We have to do it in big iOS app or so-called parent iOS app of the WatchKit app. Hey, WatchKit app is not even a standalone app, it’s actually an extension of an iOS app. Continue reading Apple Watch App + Azure Mobile Service

Talk: End-to-End Mobile App Development

Yesterday (March 15), I had an exciting opportunity to share technical stuffs with a community that was not in my circle before, called ProCodeCG in their weekly meetup called codeMeetup(). The great man behind it is pak Budi Rahardjo is well-known veteran in startup and IT scene in Indonesia, which happens to be someone that I admire since I knew him when I’m undergraduate student in ITB. Finally met him in person, my first impression was how humble and smart he is. Great person to discuss stuffs, movie, government, Bandung, and of course, coding.

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Thoughts on Android

I should have posted this 3 months ago. Looking at my post drafts, hey I had this, so let’s post it.

This Valentine day, I have a love confession to make… I have an affair.

For front-end side, I’ve been developing in iOS development platform for 6 years now, and I love it! I still do. But now, I have a new love.

Although never spoke it out loud, mostly only among friends and team, or in my mind, it was quite often I underestimated Android development platform, generally judging from most Android apps available, that to my judgement are lost in term of overall quality compared to iOS. Just look at Path app for Android (Path is quite popular in Indonesia, so I use it as example), for example, is quite different from the iOS version. Or from reading at a glance the news updates around Android development. For example, how developers tend to choose iOS over Android, how fragmented Android is, bla bla bla.
I often thought, hey Android development kinda sucks, no?

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The Story behind Jepret Pivot

I had this story in mind since 7 months ago. But I was powerless to write it, my time’s so much consumed by works.

Allow me to share a bit of story about Pivot…

The Death

Since 2011 my company had a mobile app called Jepret. It’s basically a social photo sharing app, but designed and developed only for feature phones, esp. Nokia’s. Simply put, it’s Instagram for feature phones.

Everything went great. 1 million users in one year. Not bad, considering the minor marketing effort from our side. At that time, a lot of help coming from friends at Nokia Indonesia. Special mention and thanks for Narenda Wicaksono and friends at Nokia Indonesia for all supports during development and marketing.

1 million users, not bad, what about revenue? Don’t ask, very small! The conversion from free to premium (or in-app purchase) is less than 1%. But still exciting at that time.

But every party must be over. As we know, feature phones market is declining. Nokia Store will be shut down. The end of Jepret?

Logical obvious step is ported Jepret app, from feature phone to your smartphone (Android, iOS). But we are quite realistic on the “depth” of our own pocket and considering market photo sharing / utility app on iOS and Android is already very crowded. I have not calculated the total, but there may be hundreds of apps, or even thousands. Actually, we had ported and released Jepret for Android, but not really taking off. Continue reading The Story behind Jepret Pivot

Twenty Fourteen

2014 is one of the important year of my life, possibly the most. It’s the year that I decided to end my life as single entity, formally united with another entity named Gina.

(continued in Bahasa Indonesia)

I started the year with 200% focus on the wedding preparation. Terbiasa hidup mandiri dan menopang biaya hidup sendiri sejak kurang lebih 12 tahun lalu, cukup malu untuk minta bantuan orang tua, alhasil perlu membiayai pernikahan sendiri semuanya. Biayain bareng sama calon istri sih, tapi ternyata ideal wedding that I have in my mind butuh biaya yang lumayan. So, it’s been a challenging preparation.

Apparently, need more time to finish this post, will come back later. For now, I describe my 2014 life story in photos, here it is:

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Movreak Got Suspended, Now It’s Back on Google Play Again!

Out of nowhere, on Monday (Oct 6) I got an email from Google Play saying that my company’s app, Movreak, got suspended. It’s gone from Google Play.

This is the email excerpt:

This is a notification that your application, Movreak: Movie, Cinema, Review, with package ID **********, has been removed from the Google Play Store.

REASON FOR REMOVAL: Violation of the intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior provisions of the Content Policy. Please refer to the IP infringement and impersonation policy help article for more information.

  • Your app and/or elements of its listing on Google Play, including title, description, logo(s), or promotional screenshots must not include unauthorized usage of protected works belonging to a third party.
  • Your app icon and promotional screenshots must not contain images that appear confusingly similar to existing products.

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